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BOOKWORMS! It is time to announce our March theme: THE ART OF STORYTELLING!

For our first completely-rebranded box, I (Cameron, the founder) wanted to return what has been a staple in my life: storytelling. I grew up with stories all around me - from the tales read to me at bedtime by my parents to talking about my identity with my Nana.

Our book of the month is a PHENOMENAL Japanese-inspired fantasy adventure that is whimsical and magical with a touch of darkness. It features an epic journey with side quests and a cast of amazing characters, including a strong female protagonist, diverse representation and an amusing magpie spirit. You will be taken on a thrilling adventure, through an enchanting world, and meet a loveable cast of characters.

With our rebrand, we are redefining what it means to receive “bookish goodies” with your book of the month. High quality, usable items will be included and relate to the theme and complement the book.

This box will feature FIVE high-quality items. Four will be inspired by Three Dark Crowns, Strange the Dreamer, Eragon and The Gilded Wolves.

Want some hints? The fifth item was crafted up by our guest curator for the month (who will be revealed soon!) and is a general bookish item that we have NEVER seen in a book box before. Additionally, one of the items is a BOOKSLEEVE!! So thrilled to be including one of these again, and it features the perfect quote from one of the epic novels above!

Another hint: our 2022 quarterly collectible items are ENAMEL NECKLACES! The first will be featured in this box, and is inspired by one of the stories above. More details to come!

Our rebrand’s goal is to elevate your experience with not just Beacon, but with the overall journey of reading. With this comes a change in the cost of our boxes. Moving forward, we will be priced at $32.99 USD a month, plus shipping. With current issues of inflation, this change is happening to ensure that we are putting out products of the highest quality possible, and to reinforce our dedication to an improved customer experience.

Boxes are on sale NOW! Click below to purchase. Thank you, truly, for all of the support. ❤️

Already have a subscription? Do not fret, as it will renew on March 1st!

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