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April 2022 Theme: SHADOW AND INK

ATTENTION BOOKWORMS! It is time to announce our April theme… SHADOW & INK!

This box explores epic worlds where everything on paper seems to be fine, except the truth lies in shadows lurking around every corner. 👀

Prepare to be transported in our book of the month to a world featuring a highly-creative magic system that allows artists’ portraits to alter people’s real-life bodies. The main character possesses this gift, but must hide it from those who would kidnap, blackmail or kill for it. However, someone finds out and the main character must complete a special portrait to resurrect the blackmailer’s dead son or be exposed. 🖊🔍🎨

Venture within the walls of this gothic fantasy murder mystery to discover secrets hidden in the shadows and a lush romance! It will be SIGNED by the author and accompanied by a letter. 😍

This box will feature SEVEN high-quality items by Serpent & Dove, Stalking Jack the Ripper, The Selection, Daughter of Smoke & Bone and The Raven Boys!

Want some hints? The Selection-inspired item is actually a set of THREE and hints at an exciting new feature coming to Beacon in May 😉😉

We are thrilled to have this epic box be the second of our company rebrand, where our goal is to elevate your experience with not just Beacon, but the overall journey of reading. 💖

Boxes are on sale now - click below to purchase!

Stunning theme artwork by the amazing @riddleandravens

Already have a subscription? Do not fret, as it will renew on March 1st!

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