Hi bookworms! First, Team Beacon hopes that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. We wanted to create page where members of the Beacon Family can easily access information regarding the shipping status of our boxes. Beacon is family-run out of office space on our property, and currently it is just us four (Mike, Melissa, Cameron and Faith) who are packing and shipping all of the boxes and shop orders. We are working EXTREMELY hard to pack orders and boxes and respond to emails as fast as we can. This page will be updated when we have new information to share. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us at! From our family to yours, please stay safe and healthy.


  • 5/27/2020 - We are trying our best to respond to emails within 72 hours. If your email is outside of this window, please send a follow-up and we will answer you as soon as possible.


  • 5/27/2020 - Catching up on shop orders from the "Beacon Bunker" and shipments from the past two weeks are going out tomorrow and Friday.

  • 5/11/2020 - Another weekly shipment went out today.

  • 5/4/2020 - All shop order shipments are up-to-date.

  • 5/3/2020 - Shop orders from the "Beacon Bunker" are still shipping every Monday. We are hoping to be up-to-date on shipments tomorrow.


  • 6/10/2020 - We are waiting for the mugs and one other item to arrive. Both are in transit and should arrive soon. Boxes look like they are on track to ship by June 23rd as originally stated.

  • 5/27/2020 - We officially sold out of boxes today, woohoo! We anticipate to ship boxes around June 23rd as our June book pick releases a week later than usual. We are currently encountering no product delays.

May & Kiera Cass Boxes

  • FINAL UPDATE 5/26/2020Boxes have been shipping since May 20th and 100% of them are out the door! If you have not received a tracking number, our system is still sending them out in email batches. Please email us if you need any assistance.

International Shipping Updates

  • 4/20/2020 - USPS and UPS have started to implement shipping restrictions and post updates regarding service disruptions. Please click here for the most recent updates. If your order is affected, please email us for more information about the following steps. We will be happy to hold your order until this restriction is lifted or refund the order in its entirety. We understand that this is disappointing and would like to apologize profusely. An email update will be sent out when these restrictions are lifted.

Domestic Shipping Updates

  • 5/3/2020 - Orders shipped Priority Mail (all monthly boxes and orders over one pound) are taking 3-4 days to deliver instead of the usual 2-3.

Thank you so much for the patience and support that you all have shown us. We are all in this together and will get through it! Sending virtual hugs to everyone.

With Love,

Team Beacon