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Shipping Updates - April 2nd

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

March Boxes: We were shipped unsigned books and had to send them back to get signed copies. This has been fixed, woohoo! We are just waiting for the final item to make its way to us. We hope to start packing these next weekend.

April Boxes: These are on-track for mid-to-late April.

Shop Orders: Team Beacon is working on getting caught up on orders placed in our shop, the Beacon Bunker.

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All Pride boxes have shipped! If you have not received a tracking number, please email us at May boxes begin shipping 6/30! Tracking numbers will start being sent out today

April boxes will start going out this Thursday (May 5th). All boxes should be shipped out by Monday (May 9th).

All of our March orders/boxes have been shipped. Email if you still have not received your tracking number.

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