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We are beyond honored to announce a limited edition reprint of our previous Kiera Cass x Beacon Book Box collaboration. Reprinting such a beloved series like The Selection is a testament to the enduring popularity of the world and characters Kiera has created.



  • Hardcover editions of THE SELECTION, THE ELITE and THE ONE
  • Hand-signed copy of THE SELECTION, digital signatures on books 2 and 3
  • Unique, embossed designs on the hardcovers of each book
  • Stunning reversible dust jacket artwork
  • Exclusive letter from the author


Please note that this reprint will be much more limited than our first print run and we cannot guarantee how long stock will last. Individuals who requested a back in stock notification for the original print run will be notified via email when these go on sale. We are truly honored to be working with Kiera and HarperCollins yet again; this reprint is a testament to the enduring popularity of the series, and a testament to the skill of Kiera Cass in crafting a story that continues to capture the hearts of readers.

The Selection Special Edition Box

$64.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price
Out of Stock

    Item sold as is. No return or refund due to damage will be accepted.


    THE SELECTION Special Edition boxes are estimated to ship May 2023. Domestic orders usually arrive around three days after shipment while international orders take anywhere from one to four weeks. 

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