About Team Beacon

Being an avid reader, Cameron Allen grew up surrounded by and immersed within stories. At the age of fourteen, he decided to turn his passion of reading into a monthly book subscription box business. In winter of 2017, Cameron’s once far-fetched idea launched into action. Cameron asked his parents Mike and Melissa, both who have immense business knowledge, for their input and advice. After much research, they decided to jump on board and support Cameron’s dream of running a business based on his love of books. Cameron handles customer support, publishers and box curation, Mike handles shipping logistics and oversees Beacon's financials, and Melissa provides legal and social media assistance. It is truly a small, family-run business as Cameron’s sister, Faith, also assists with the box packing process. All curation, packing and shipping is performed onsite at the “Beacon Bunker” in Michigan.


In addition to the Allen family, Team Beacon also includes a small group of highly-talented individuals.

A note to everyone: We created this business to provide literary enjoyment and excitement to you and your family.  Being avid readers, we truly understand the enjoyment of cuddling up with an awesome new book, using the exciting items included and being able to discover authors and novels whom you may not have heard of.

Meet the Team