About Us

A little bit about us...

Cameron & Jaden have always been avid readers and in June 2017 Cameron came up with the idea of running a monthly book subscription box business. It wasn't until early December 2017 that the tires hit the pavement. Cameron asked his dad Mike for his input and advice.  After some research, phone calls and emails, Mike decided to jump on board.  Mike oversees Beacon Book Box, LLC, while Cameron figures out the creative themes for each month and which amazing, unique products go in each box. Jaden is the Social Media Coordinator and helps oversee Beacon Book Box's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

As a family, we have put this business together to provide enjoyment and excitement to you and your family.  Being avid readers, we truly understand the enjoyment of cuddling up with an awesome new book and being comforted with family, friends  and/or our pets around us.

6/13/18 - this page is a work in progress and will be updated soon :)

Meet Our Team

Michael Allen

Chief of Operations

Mike has been in sales for 25+ years and enjoys sports, vacationing with his family and being a father to two wonderful children and a husband to a wife of 18 years.  He is looking forward to this adventure with his family and wants to help provide his leadership, experience and marketing skills to this project to move it in the right direction and to help provide an exciting, enjoyable literary experience to our subscribers.    

Cameron Allen

Founder, Customer Support, Box Curator

Cameron is a bookworm, pianist, toy collector, and an aspiring medic. He has been reading since he was a young boy, and his TBR list is taller than he is! He has four different editions of the Harry Potter series, though he doesn't think its enough.  He continues to add books and series to his collection and looks forward to sharing this experience with others.

Jaden Leatherman

Social Media Coordinator

Jaden enjoys connecting with people and making life easier for all of Beacon Book Box's subscribers and vendors. When she is not reading, Jaden occupies her time by playing tennis and a variety of musical instruments. She is currently an aspiring Chemical Engineer. Jaden's favorite author is Andy Weir who has written two of her favorite books, The Martian and Artemis.

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