Restocked boxes do not include a signed/numbered poster, just a regular poster

ATTENTION BOOKWORMS, witches and chaussers! It is time to announce that our next Special Edition box will be for the release of BLOOD & HONEY by @shelbymahurin! Before we dive into the details, we are thrilled to reveal that Shelby Mahurin will be directly collaborating with us on this box! This box is a must-have for every Serpent & Dove fan! 🍯 Have you been eagerly waiting for the sequel to Serpent & Dove? Wondering what will be the fate of your dearly beloved Lou and Reid? Shelby Mahurin threw so much action at us readers throughout the first book and our box is here to assist her fans with diving back into the witch-filled world of Belterra. 🍯 This box will be packed full of so many incredible, usable and EXCLUSIVE items, all with Shelby’s stamp of approval. That is right, Team Beacon will be working directly with Shelby on this box and the items will be nothing short of magical. 🍯 You can expect to see high-quality items that fans of this series will go crazy for. To start the reveals off for this box, the restocked boxes include a poster 😍. This box will also include a LARGE, COZY BLANKET (with artwork of a certain lead character) that will be perfect to snuggle in whilst indulging in another steamy read from Queen Shelby 👑. 🍯 With items being inspired by your favorite characters, events, locations and quotes, this box will be a Serpent & Dove fans’ dream come true! 🍯 We are so excited to announce that our copies of BLOOD & HONEY will be SIGNED by Shelby herself 😱😱. Are you screaming? We are!! 🍯 We are also thrilled to reveal that Shelby will be providing EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL for our box! 😱😍 🍯 We will be working with some amazing small businesses and artists who are Shelby-approved to make this box extra special. 🍯 Please note that this box is a special edition box and is not one of our monthly boxes. Boxes will ship around the book’s release date of September 1st, 2020. ⚫⚫⚫⚫ Spectacular artwork created by Team Beacon's theme artist @littlebearries.

RESTOCKED: Blood & Honey Special Edition Box

  • If you receive a damaged product, please contact us at within two (2) weeks following shipment of the item. You will need to include photographic evidence documenting the damaged product in order to receive a replacement product. Please contact us as soon as possible as we have limited amounts of extra stock. Please note items marked on sale that arrive damaged are unable to be replaced.

  • BLOOD & HONEY Special Edition Boxes will ship around the books' release date of September 1st, 2020. Domestic orders usually arrive around three days after shipment while international orders take anywhere from one to four weeks.