Team Beacon is thrilled to announce our WORLD OF TWILIGHT Special Edition Box: Featuring MIDNIGHT SUN!

ATTENTION BOOKWORMS and vampires! It is time to announce that our next Special Edition box will be for the release of MIDNIGHT SUN by none other than Stephenie Meyer herself! This box is a must-have for every fan of Stephenie’s TWILIGHT saga!

👑 Have you been eagerly waiting for Queen Meyer to write yet another epic novel? Wondering what intriguing story she will craft next? MIDNIGHT SUN is an unforgettable tale told from Edward’s side of the story.

👑 This box will be packed full of so many incredible, usable and EXCLUSIVE items, all with the publishing house’s stamp of approval. The items will be nothing short of magical! Items will be inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT saga.

👑 You can expect to see high-quality items that fans of Stephenie Meyer will go crazy for. To start the reveals off for this box, all boxes will include a LARGE, COZY BLANKET that will be perfect to snuggle in whilst indulging in Stephenie’s long-awaited novel.

👑 With items being inspired by your favorite characters, events, locations and quotes from Stephenie’s TWILIGHT saga, this box is one not to miss out on!

👑 We are so excited to announce that our copies of MIDNIGHT SUN will be accompanied by a SIGNED BOOKPLATE from Stephenie herself 😱😱. Are you screaming? We are!!

👑  We will be working with some amazing small businesses and artists to make this box extra special.

👑 Please note that this box is NOT on sale yet. We will be waiting until Saturday June 13th at 5 PM EST to open sales. We wanted to give everyone a chance to gather some funds as this will be a box bookworms will not want to miss out on.

👑 Please note that this box is a special edition box and is not one of our monthly boxes. Boxes will ship around the book’s release date of August 4th, 2020.


Spectacular artwork created by @catarinabookdesigns.