Team Beacon is thrilled to announce our Bitty Beacon KINGDOM OF THE WICKED Box!

ATTENTION BOOKWORMS! It is time to announce that our first Bitty Beacon Special Edition Box will be for the release of KINGDOM OF THE WICKED by none other than @kerrimaniscalco herself! This box is a must-have for fans of Maniscalco’s lush worldbuilding.

👑 First, what is a Bitty Beacon Box? This new line of boxes are mini versions of our special edition boxes, with a handful of exclusive items and an EXCLUSIVE EDITION of the featured book. That is right, our copy of KINGDOM OF THE WICKED will be a Beacon exclusive! Read on for more details.

👑 Have you been eagerly waiting for Queen Maniscalco to write yet another epic, dark novel? Wondering what intriguing story she will craft next? KINGDOM OF THE WICKED is the start of a new blockbuster series full of witches who hide amongst humans, Wicked-princes and murder.

👑 This box will contain an EXCLUSIVE BOOKSLEEVE designed by none other than @rosiethorns88, an EXCLUSIVE ENAMEL PIN from @sjwonderlandz, an author letter from Kerri, and a SIGNED COPY of KINGDOM OF THE WICKED with GOLD SPRAYED EDGES!! All which will ship in a custom, mini box.

👑 You all do not know how excited we are to be including our first customized book from a traditional publisher. GOLD. SPRAYED. EDGES!!

👑 Bitty Beacon SE Boxes will retail for $27.99 plus shipping. That is a STEAL for what is included.

👑 Sales open for this box on Monday, July 27th, at 5 PM EST. We have placed a very large order of books and items but do expect them to sell quite fast, so make sure to set a reminder to purchase!

👑 You all seriously do not know how gracious we are to be able to offer this. Over the two years of being in business, we have worked so hard to get to this point and would not have done it without your support. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting our bookish business. You all ROCK!

👑 Please note that this box is a special edition box and is not one of our monthly boxes. Boxes will ship around the book’s release date of October 27th, 2020.


Spectacular artwork created by @catarinabookdesigns.